Promotions from 1 July, 2019

We congratulate our staff who have been promoted. Ashleigh – Ashleigh Moran commenced with us at Clinch Long Woodbridge in November 2016 from Argyle Lawyers, and established herself as a very capable member of the family law team. She has cemented herself in the Court...

What is an Independent Children’s Lawyer?

One of the primary objectives of the Court in parenting matters is to determine what the best interests of the children are and to make orders to that effect. In some circumstances, an Independent Children's Lawyer ('ICL') will be appointed. An ICL is a lawyer who...

Prenups: Everything you need to know

What is a prenup? Prenup is a colloquial American term for a prenuptial agreement - an agreement entered into by people who intend to marry. In Australia, a prenup is known as a Binding Financial Agreement (or BFA), however most people will still refer to these...


What is a Priority Notice? A Priority Notice records the priority of an anticipated transaction on title, including the order in which it is to be lodged. Why lodge a Priority Notice? Whether purchasing, selling or transferring property the registration of a Priority...


In todays’ property market it is has become quite common for purchasers to request the payment of a 5% deposit in lieu of a 10% deposit, which can at times be out of reach with today's high property prices. If agreed, the contract for the sale and purchase of land...

Social Media as Evidence in Court Proceedings

It is becoming the 'bread-and-butter' in Family Court proceedings that parties use print outs of text messages, emails and social media posts in their Affidavits. One judge recently said in Court, "It never ceases to astound me how many litigants in [the Family Court...

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