Advertising reviews and advice

Compliance with the Australian Consumer Law and other relevant laws and regulations for the automotive advertising industry, is critical in ensuring advertisements are compliant and not likely to mislead and deceive.

We review all advertisements placed by our clients, across mediums including press, television, radio, online, out of home, and social media.

We also conduct regular advertising legal seminars for our clients, whereby their advertising teams are updated on the key compliance requirements and any recent legal developments.

COVID-19: We're here to help

While the COVID-19 Pandemic is creating a challenging environment for everyone, we remain open, and have the technology and processes to assist you with your legal matters during this time.

We will conduct our meetings with you over the phone, video chat, and other remote technologies. Some of our meetings will still be conducted face to face, however please appreciate during this difficult time that some of our meetings will be conducted over the phone or other technological means.

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