The Painton Foundation

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Community

Clinch Long Woodbridge Lawyers assist clients with their philanthropic endeavours in making a difference to our community.

 The late Graham Painton was a client we assisted in establishing his own private ancillary fund (PAF).  A PAF is a private charitable trust benefitting charities or causes important to its donor.  Graham was a long-time client and friend. He developed a poorly understood lung disease which tragically took his life. He had been a pillar of his community, an internationally acknowledged engineer, designer, community leader, high ranking mason and philanthropist. The Graham Painton Foundation supports UNSW research into idiopathic and occupationally-acquired lung disease.  The Foundation presently has lasting ties with many charities, principally Mission Australia where the Foundation supports front line services.  In partnership with the UNSW Engineering department, at least four students per year receive award scholarships to develop engineering talent for rural students. This work, education and research, as important to Graham, will be a lasting legacy for at least fifteen years.

We have the privilege of maintaining our client’s ongoing legacy with Clayton Long being a director of the Foundation and our firm the appointed legal advisers.